Avocadoes, not only for Guacamole!


Avocados are good for more than just for eating; they make a nutrient rich moistening mask for your face and neck. They provide a dose of biotin and vitamin E, two nutrients that are known to help prevent and hydrate dry skin.

Avocado facials are touted to do wonders as a quick fix for dull skin, giving a more youthful dewy complexion, so I thought I put it to the test. I mashed one avocado into a smooth paste and put it on my face and neck for about 20 minutes. I suggest lying down and putting a towel under your head, because the Avocado paste loosens as it warms to your skin and the oils come out of the fruit. The oil acts as an emollient. I did find it to be hydrating and soothing.  It’s an inexpensive way to give yourself a moisturizing mask, and you can’t beat spending $1.50 for a facial!

As far as the Guac, I learned how to make a delicious mix from a friend who grew up in Mexico and he makes the best I’ve ever had. Of course nothing is measured and it’s all about personal taste, so this is a loose translation of a handful and a pinch!

Guacamole 800 3243.jpgEasy-To-Do Guacamole Recipe

  • 2 Organic Avocados (buy 3 and use one for the facial!)
  • ½ cup chopped Organic White onion. White onions have a delicate flavor that compliments the subtle flavor of the avocado.
  • A handful of chopped Organic Cilantro
  • The juice of ½ to one organic Lime (start with a ½ lime and adjust to taste)
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Mix and enjoy with organic Blue chips!



Take care, stay well.




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